Taylorville Care Center is a skilled nursing home with both short-term and long-term care programs. We value our residents as individuals and strive to have a positive impact on their health, comfort, and well being.  As a member of the Southwest Coalition for Culture Change, we continually seek to make a difference in our resident’s lives by creating a person-centered culture in our community.

Patient Centered Care

The care and comfort of our residents is our first priority.  We operate with the philosophy that each resident should be nurtured, respected, and engaged in making decisions about their activities and health care.  Our individualized care plans consider a resident’s health care needs, abilities, and their family’s input.  Ultimately, we focus on fulfilling a resident’s wishes to the greatest extent possible.

Progressive Rehab

With our progressive rehabilitation program, we want our residents to regain as much mobility and independence as possible so they can return to their own homes.  We are happy to work with patients on a short-term basis to help them recover from hospital procedures or surgery.  Residents who’s health improves but still require extra help may consider joining our family at Taylorville Estates, our neighboring assisted living community.

Highly Trained Staff

We combine the expertise of registered nurses, physical and occupational therapists, a registered dietician, a specially-trained activity director, and many other quality staff members to provide the comprehensive care and support our residents need.  At Taylorville Care Center, we take pride in the high level of education, training and experience our staff members have gained in their specific fields.

The King Management Family

Caring for seniors and individuals with special needs is more than just providing a place to live, eat, and sleep.  For a living environment to be truly called a home, residents need to be nurtured, respected, and engaged in making decisions about their activities and health care.  You will find all of these attributes at any one of our senior living facilities.  To learn more about King Management, please visit us at: www.kingmgt.com, or give us a call at (618) 327-3064.

Care giver with elderly couple at Taylorville Care Center
Older couple lifting weights at Taylorville Care Center
Picture of care taker at Taylorville Care Center holding the hand of a resident
resident reading paper